Classic Pro

WAAK - Classic Pro water reservoir handle

Water reservoir handle CLASSIC PRO

The handle with water reservoir CLASSIC PRO is the result of years’ experience in combination with targeted development of the water reservoir concept, designed by WAAK.

The reservoir handle is not only 360° water tight, but also easy to fill up at the water tap and ecologically proof, by its small dosage of liquid. The locking system is handy and robust; the grip is nicely rounded, making cleaning more ergonomical. The roundings are repeated on the conus; which adds to the design as well as the bacterial resistance. The latter feature is of paramount importance in the food industry.

As an original equipment manufacturer WAAK can perfectly meet your specific requests with respect to private labeling. We can adapt the product to your needs in various ways in a co-design mode.

WAAK - reservoir handle Classic Pro
WAAK - reservoir handle Classic Pro
WAAK - Classic Pro water reservoir handle
WAAK - reservoir handle Classic Pro

Features of the CLASSIC PRO:

•    Integrated water reservoir enables perfect agility
•    Water filling system is seamlessly integrated in the grip and lockable with the button
•    Reservoir 360° water tight, content: 0,5l
•    Reservoir can be opened by simply rotating the button without removing it
•    Reservoir can be filled up in a horizontal position
•    Optional structural powder coating ensure a perfect grip and avoid finger prints
•    Adaptable to your connection system
•    Private labeling

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